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oil on canvas, transferred from panel
Acquired through the generosity of Mrs. Alan M. Scaife
© Public Domain


Frans Hals [ca. 1581–1666]. Van Tol, Zoeterwoude, Netherlands, until June 15, 1779 [1]; van Tol collection sale, June 15, 1779, no. 8 [2]; purchased by Mr. Delfos. Sold at Philippus van der Schley, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on June 16, 1802, no. 75 [3]; purchased by Barend Kooy [1750–1819], Amsterdam, Netherlands [4]; Barend Kooy collection until 1819; Kooy estate, 1819 until April 20, 1820; Kooy estate sale, April 20 1820, no. 38; purchased by Casparus Kopersmit [1784–1857] [5]. C. H. Hodges and Other Collections sale, Amsterdam, February 27, 1838, no. 294. Jan Andries Töpfer, Amsterdam, Netherlands, until November 16, 1841; Töpfer sale, November 16, 1841, no. 28 [6]; Tijssen, in 1841 [6]. Martin Colnaghi, London, England, by 1866; purchased by Thomas Baring, M. P. [1799–1873] in 1866; bequest to his nephew, Thomas George Baring, Lord Northbrook, subsequently 1st Earl of Northbrook [1826–1904], London and Stratton Park, Hampshire, England, 1873 until 1904 [7]; by descent to his son, Francis George Baring, 2nd Earl of Northbrook, [1850–1929], London and Stratton Park, Hampshire, England, until 1927 [8]; purchased by Duveen Brothers, London, Paris, New York, NY in March 1927 [9]; purchased by Mr. Alfred W. Erickson [1876–1936], New York, NY, January 1929 until November 2, 1936; by inheritance to his wife, Anna Edith Erickson [?–1961], New York, NY, November 2, 1936 until February 7, 1961; estate of Anna Edith Erickson, February 7, 1961 until November 15, 1961; Erickson sale, Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York, NY, November 15, 1961, no. 13 [10]; purchased, with funds provided by Mrs. Alan Mellon Scaife, by Department of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, November 1961.

[1]. The location of this owner is recorded as Zoeterwoude, near Leyden. Leyden is the older Dutch spelling of the city of Leiden, which borders the municipality of Zoeterwoude.
[2]. Sold for 15 fl. The date of the van Tol sale is from the Frick Art Reference Library Photoarchive and also from the provenance of another painting lot in the same sale, now at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. The sale date of June 15, 1772 given in the 1889 Northbrook collection catalogue is apparently in error.
[3]. The seller is identified in the Getty Provenance Index as "Merrem."
[4]. Purchased for 55 fl.
[5]. Purchased for 10 fl. The purchaser Casparus Kopersmit, identified in the Getty Provenance Index, was married to Barend Kooy's daughter Alida Elisabeth Kooy. See curatorial file.
[6]. Frick Photoarchive gives the purchaser's name asTijssen and records15 fl 50 as the purchase price. See copies of the Frick Library annotated sale catalague and of Frick Photoarchive record for the work.
[7]. See 1889 catalogue of the Earl of Northbrook collection, no. 61.
[8]. The painting was listed by a Duveen representative as hanging in the dining room of the Earl's London house in 1913.
[9]. See copies of Duveen correspondence (from the Getty Research Institute) in curatorial file regarding the sale of the Hals, still on panel, as part of a group of seven paintings.
[10]. Sale entitled "The Erickson Collection of Old Master Paintings."



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