Landscape scene of natural rock formation with shepherd and dog in foreground. Another man is shading himself under a tree nearby.

Detail of Gaspard Dughet (French, 1615–1675), Landscape with a Natural Arch, ca. 1670–1673. Oil on canvas. 18 x 24 1/2 in. (45.7 x 62.23 cm). Bequest of Howard A. Noble.

About the Northbrook Project

The Northbrook Provenance Project attempts to reconstruct the history of ownership of all the paintings that were at one-time property of the Earls of Northbrook and their predecessors. Seven of these paintings are in the collection of Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA), and hundreds more reside in public and private collections worldwide.

This website provides an introduction to the data collected and the software tools used to visualize the growth and dispersal of this major art collection over time. Casual enquirers, historians, and researchers are encouraged to explore the related materials.

About the Collection Data

Collection data has been gathered from published sources, communications with current owners (where possible), and original research by CMOA. Images are in the public domain or used with permission of the owners. All information published on this site is based on research completed before December 2017.


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